What is the Canada-Alberta Job Grant?

  The Canada-Alberta Job Grant is an employer-driven

training program, where employers decide on who gets

training and what type of training is needed for new

and existing employees. The Government of Canada,

through the CAJG, helps defray the cost of that

employer-identified training, ensuring that the skills a

worker learns match up with the skills employers need.

How does it work?

  First, the employers must begin by identifying the training needs of their workers. Then, the employer submits an application to the CAJG approval board, listing the name of their employees, and the training they are applying for. After CAJG approval, the employer may proceed with booking training.

The employer pays for the course in full, and upon successful completion by the student, the employer is reimbursed by the CAJG for two thirds of the training cost. (Up to a maximum of ten thousand dollars per student, or three hundred thousand dollars total for the organization)

How much can I save?

  With ICON SAFETY CONSULTING INC.s special CAJG training packages, a $1200 training packaged would see your company reimbursed up to $800, for an overall cost of only $400! For barely more than the cost of a single course, your workers could receive an entire training suite.


  YES! ICON SAFETY CONSULTING INC. can and will work in partnership with your company to help prepare your grant applications, ensuring the fastest possible turnaround for you and your company's bottom line.

ICON SAFETY CONSULTING INC. can assist your organization in the application, record-keeping, and reimbursement stages of the process. We help your organization receive their grant cheque as soon as possible for the least amount of administrative burden.

What's the process?

          1.  Identify the workers you want to train, and the training you want for your workers.

          2.  Contact ICON SAFETY CONSULTING INC. We can assist you in preparing the Canada-

                  Alberta Job Grant application for you, and help determine fixed dates of training for your


          3.  Review the Job Grant application, sign off on it, and submit it to the CAJG.

          4.  The CAJG will respond with approval or denial of your grant.

          5.  After approval is received, contact ICON SAFETY CONSULTING INC. to confirm registration 

                  and provide us a copy of your successful grant Letter and Reference Numbers.

          6.  Students attend a course on their designated date and time.

          7.  ICON SAFETY CONSULTING INC. will invoice your organization for the full amount of the

                  training, and furnish a receipt upon payment in full. We will assist you in completing the 

                  Canada-Alberta Job Grant Training Reimbursement form. Immediately submit it to the CAJG.

          8.  Within 30 days of the student completing the course, prepare and submit the Canada-Alberta

                   Job Grant Training Completion form, and submit it to the CAJG.

          9.  Upon approval of the CAJG Training Reimbursement form, the CAJG will reimburse your

                  organization one third of the total cost of the training.

         10. Upon approval of the CAJG Training Completion form, the CAJG will reimburse your

                   organization an additional one-third of the total cost of training.

- Call toll free 1(844)679-0111 for all booking inquires. Remember, our Emergency Call Center is OPEN 24/7 -
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Canada Alberta Job Grant - ICON SAFETY CONSULTING INC.
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ICON SAFETY CONSULTING INC. is pleased to announce special training program packages for incorporated employers seeking the benefits of the Canada Alberta Job Grant. Through these training packages, you can prepare your new hires for the Alberta industry workforce in the fast, simple, and inexpensive process.

The Canada Alberta Job Grant is available to incorporated companies within Alberta.

The CAJG offers employers a reimbursement of pre-approved training, repaying 66% of the costs of the training back to the employer, to a limit of $10,000.00 per individual worker and $300,000.00 per company!

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Canada Alberta Job Grant - ICON SAFETY CONSULTING INC.
Canada Alberta Job Grant - ICON SAFETY CONSULTING INC.