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Alcohol Testing | ICON

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Breath Alcohol testing measures the current level of alcohol in a donor’s system. The resulting Breath/Blood Alcohol Concentration (BAC) is calculated immediately and no lab time is required. Breath alcohol testing is mobile and can easily be administered in our facility or onsite at yours.
Because alcohol is absorbed directly through the walls of the stomach and into the bloodstream, breath alcohol testing is a good indicator of current alcohol impairment and valuable in occupational testing.

How does Breath Alcohol Testing work?

Breath alcohol testing measures the level of alcohol in a donor’s system through an electronic monitor that measures alcohol molecules released in the carbon dioxide of an individual’s breath.

This reading calculates Breath/Blood Alcohol Concentration (BAC). Within minutes of drinking alcohol, your blood alcohol concentration starts to rise. Alcohol is absorbed directly through the walls of the stomach and proceeds into the bloodstream, where it travels throughout your body and to your brain.

Breath alcohol testing is the preferred method of testing as saliva alcohol and urine alcohol (ethanol) testing are not defensible in court. If a saliva alcohol test is positive it must be confirmed by a breath alcohol test to be considered valid.

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