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Anhdrous Ammonia and Chlorine Training - ICON SAFETY CONSULTING INC.
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Anhydrous Ammonia and Chlorine Training | ICON | $150.00 per person

Course Starts at 8:30 am


The goal of ICON SAFETY CONSULTING's Anhydrous Ammonia & Chlorine Safety Training Course is to give our students the knowledge and confidence to work as a qualified and safety conscious employee. 

If you or your workers work around or directly with Anhydrous Ammonia or Chlorine OH&S says they must be trained. Our Anhydrous Ammonia & Chlorine training course teaches you or your workers about the characteristics and uses of Anhydrous Ammonia & Chlorine as well as the hazards associated with these hazardous gas.

This course teaches storage techniques, safe work practices as well as proper emergency response procedures. Anhydrous ammonia, NH3, is commonly used in both industry and agriculture. This gas emits vapors that are suffocating and can lead to serious health problems, even death. This training course outlines an active program of safety and inspection to prevent accidents in the workplace. It features exciting footage, instructive animations, and valuable information about the illegal use of anhydrous ammonia in clandestine drug labs.