The right person to hire is one that is not only physically fit to do the job now, but has the potential to continue performing it safely for years to come. ICON’s Occupational Fitness Testing helps to match a candidate’s abilities to the physical job demands of the position applied for with any potential restrictions and/or modification’s required for successful employment.

ICON's Occupational Fitness Testing provides a clear path forward for those in charge of hiring, making it simpler to determine whether or not the employee is fit for the job. In some industries, such as construction, transportation, and aviation, fitness testing is required because employee health conditions could endanger the public.

Candidates will be asked to complete the following prior to beginning their Fitness Testing:

  • Self-disclosure of pre-existing injuries and medical conditions
  • Physical Activity Readiness Questionnaire (PAR-Q)
  • QRISK2 Cardiovascular Risk Assessment
  • Full consent and release form
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The fitness testing information gathered is unquestionably valuable in assessing higher risk employees where issues such as body mass index, previous injury and degenerative factors may be present, or when the job role is considered medium or above in physical demand. Our evaluations also mitigate the risks health conditions can pose, both immediate and long-term.

ICON also tailors work fitness assessments in conjunction with a job analysis or job dictionary where a more tailored approach specific to the requirements of a job role is required.

  • Posture
  • Range of movement
  • Strength
  • Back fitness
  • Bending / stooping
  • Reaching
  • Squatting
  • Manual handling
  • Stability of joints and general flexibility
  • Cardiovascular fitness test

We use a Level 1-5 Fit-to-Work Assessment Scale to determine the level of eligibility that applies to your candidate:

  • Level 1: Successful Completion
  • Level 2: Restriction and/or Modification Recommended
  • Level 3: Limited Level of Work – Safety sensitive site access
  • Level 4: Limited Level of Work – Non safety sensitive site access
  • Level 5: Stoppage

We will work with you and your people to manage any issues identified as a result of the Fitness Test. 

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