Our units are available for work across British Columbia, Alberta & Saskatchewan

All of our Medical personnel have all applicable safety training tickets along with being trained in Defensive/Off Road Driving and are fully Certified Drug & Alcohol Testers, capable of conducting Pre-employment, Post Accident or Random Drug and Alcohol Testing services, right onsite!

MTC - Mobile Treatment Centers / Mobile Drug & Alcohol Testing

As Leaders in the industry, all of our MTC Units can now come equipped with Drone technology! 

In case of emergency i.e. explosion, fire, gas leak, etc. when it is not safe for humans to conduct a search for survivors and/or casualties we can send in our drones and search the affected area and report the situation directly to Emergency Response Personnel. 

This information can be invaluable to helping survivors get the care they need as fast as possible!

Call toll free 1(844)679-0111 for more info or to request a quote.

Our 1 ton, crew cab, long box trucks are all 4x4 vehicles and are capable of getting into and out of even the most challenging of locations.

Each MTC unit is fully compliant to CMVSS standards and is certified by a Professional Engineer for roll over protection and capable of hauling 2 patients plus a medic for transport to a medical facility.

MTC - Mobile Treatment Centers - ICON SAFETY CONSULTING INC.

Our MTC’s are equipped with very latest state of the art equipment including two-way radios, cellular boosters, GPS Locating Devices, GPS Tracking Devices, Full STARS Landing Zone Kits, H2S gas 4-Head Monitors, 1500w Power Inverters, along with the highest standard of first aid supplies, AED’s, Oxygen Therapy and equipment based not only on Provincial requirements but also client requirements.

We can provide you with any level of medic certification you require including;

  • ACP – Advanced Care Paramedic
  • EMT-P – Emergency Medical Technician – Paramedic
  • RN – Registered Nurse
  • PCP – Primary Care Paramedic
  • EMT – Emergency Medical Technician
  • EMR – Emergency Medical Responder
  • OFA III – Occupational First Aid Provider Level 3

As Western Canada's most trusted Safety Company we ARE the ones you want to be there to assist you and your crew in the event of an emergency.

We come ready for ANYTHING!

MTC - Mobile Treatment Center - ICON SAFETY CONSULTING INC.


We provide medical staff and mobile treatment centers for remote locations on high hazard work sites, drilling rig operations, pipeline operations, plant turnaround operations, work sites and more.

MTC - Mobile Treatment Center - Alberta Sask BC - ICON SAFETY CONSULTING INC.
MTC - Mobile Treatment Center - Alberta Sask BC - ICON SAFETY CONSULTING INC.
Mobile Treatment Center - ICON SAFETY CONSULTING INC.