Ladies, have you ever wondered how you would defend yourself if a scary situation was to ever arise? Or ever had any questions or get caught in the misconceptions of how the legal system would view an act of defense? ICON SAFETY CONSULTING INC. can clear up all of your questions and help to give you useful tools to protect yourself, and even your family!

Self Defense should be viewed as a life skill that requires
mental and physical training to better prepare individuals for situations that may

compromise their safety. And at the end of the training day, class participants leave with

a sense of accomplishment and a greater understanding of what they are actually

capable of. The techniques learned will give them strength in mind and body.

​The course goes ever section 25 of the criminal code, and areas of risk (ie. The Environment, best plans for escape routes, as well as the hands and accomplices of the attack.) It also exemplifies tactical principals and their application, and priorities of attack during ground or standing defense.

There is both IN CLASS and HANDS ON portions to this program, both made up of important life skills and knowledge of what you can and can’t do by law. DON’T BE SHY! There is no need to over exert yourself in the hands on parts of the program.

DO WHAT YOU FEEL COMFORTABLE WITH! We just want to make sure you feel strong and confident upon leaving our facility.

ICON’s Self Defense Training for Women by ACT would be a great mother/daughter date day idea, or even a day to get out yourself or with a friend to learn a vital skill for women of all ages

Womens Self Defense Training - ICON SAFETY CONSULTING INC.

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 - Don't have an appointment, that's okay, walk in's are always welcome at 5610 48th Avenue Camrose Ab. -

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Women's Self Defense Training Course | ICON | $99.00 per person

Course Starts at 8:30 am